Commercial Lighting Design: Brightening the Bottom Line

Lighting DesignCommercial lighting design technology is changing rapidly. New advances can offer benefits in efficiency as well as enhance the environment within a space and improve security. In typical commercial buildings, lighting accounts for approximately 35 percent of electricity use. Recent advances have ushered in a new era of efficiency and new technologies in light sources, fixtures and controls can generate significant savings that pay for themselves within a few years.

To maximize the benefits of efficiency upgrades, it is critical to take a comprehensive approach to lighting design that factors in how lighting integrates with other building systems and accounts for aesthetics, security, available daylight, suitable light levels for various spaces and more. Lighting is a highly visible component of your business that can impact comfort, productivity and safety. Below are just a few of the benefits well-designed, efficient lighting can provide:

  • Lighting products are available to direct daylight deeper into a space, creating a more welcoming environment. This can also enhance visual comfort and reduce eye fatigue.
  • New lighting technologies can review excessive light levels, light trespass and glare, and work to improve or eliminate issues.
  • Energy-efficient lighting can reduce the load lighting puts on air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and electrical systems.
  • Flexible automatic controls can switch or dim lighting based on a variety of factors including time, occupancy, vacancy, light levels, daylight availability and more. Many have wireless control options available.

Gettle’s experienced lighting design team can help guide your business through a comprehensive review of your current systems. Our integrated lighting design process starts with meeting to set the goals of the project and conduct a survey of the facility. From there, our experienced lighting designers work to develop a custom lighting design plan that will fit your business footprint and needs. Contact us today to learn more and start evaluating how lighting upgrades can benefit your bottom line.