Arc Flash Safety & Compliance

An arc flash is a sudden explosion caused by an electrical system fault that greatly compromises employee safety. Arc flash accidents result in one to two deaths daily in the United States. Even small electrical failures or faults can have devastating consequences including severe injury to employees, extensive downtime, damage of equipment or power outages.

Arc Flash Safety

Gettle can deliver peace-of-mind by conducting an arc flash hazard study to ensure compliance with NFPA 70E and OSHA standards. Our arc flash, coordination and short circuit analysis includes collecting necessary data from your existing facility, producing a one-line drawing of the system, contacting the appropriate utility for required fault data, and performing a power system analysis through computer-aided modeling.

Gettleā€™s experienced team of professional engineers will perform an arc flash hazard study to determine the required level of personal protection equipment to adequately protect personnel and ensure your facility and equipment are OSHA compliant and practicing the latest safety standards as stated in the NFPA 70E, OSHA, NEC, IEEE 1584, ANSI, & ASTM.

Arc Flash Compliance

Employers shall have a current one-line diagram of the existing facility power system, train and qualify employees in safe electrical practices, and label all electrical equipment with the appropriate electrical hazards.

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