Testing & Analysis

Electrical System Testing & Analysis

Maintaining your electrical system is vital to the safety and efficiency of your daily operations. Electrical equipment deterioration is normal and equipment failure is inevitable. The moment your electrical distribution equipment is installed, a process of normal deterioration begins. Hostile environments, overloads or severe duty cycles all contribute to this decline.

Ensuring your system is providing the right amount of power and is operating with peak efficiency is critical to ensuring maximum productivity and optimized energy costs. Gettle offers comprehensive electrical system testing and analysis solutions for both energized and de-energized equipment. Our team of specialized electrical engineers, electricians and low voltage technicians works closely with clients to understand their system needs and current usage. We offer a variety of electrical system analysis services that provide critical insight on equipment condition and performance.

Bway Corporation

Our electrical system testing services include:

A comprehensive approach to equipment and electric system evaluation delivers data and insights our clients can count on to drive key decisions about their investments in system and equipment maintenance and upgrades. Our team has experience working with all brands of electrical equipment and maintain numerous certifications including:

  • Ultrasonic Master Level
  • Infrared Thermography Level II
  • Altivar VFD and Softstarts

In addition to comprehensive testing and analysis solutions, Gettle offers the convenience of comprehensive monitoring solutions that deliver real-time information including:

  • 24-hour UL-certified, FM Global-approved central station monitoring services
  • Monitoring services through LAN, cellular and/or phone line connections
  • Web browser, tablet, smart phone direct connections to central station account services

At Gettle, we believe knowledge is power and data is a critical tool in driving decisions. Reach out to learn more about how electrical and equipment testing and analysis can capture information to drive your electrical service decisions.