High Voltage & Transformer Testing

Gettle understands the unique demands of high voltage environments and our experienced team of professional engineers and electricians deliver comprehensive construction, maintenance, testing and emergency services for high voltage power systems. Our clients count on us to deliver critical data to keep their power flowing and protect their employees and their company assets. Our full-service approach to high voltage transformer testing includes:

High-Voltage Transformer Testing

High Voltage Testing

  • Utility power substation testing
  • PoleĀ and cross arm inspection and replacements
  • Insulator and lightning arrestor inspections and installations
  • Line replacement
  • Cable termination and testing
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Infrared thermographic inspection

Transformer Testing

  • Turns ratio testing (TTR)
  • Oil sampling and analysis
  • Ground grid and grounding electrode testing

At Gettle, we maintain relationships with top industry suppliers and are committed to staying on the forefront of the industry through ongoing training and education. Ensuring a safe working environment for our team and clients is a core value for each and every member of our team. We provide comprehensive company-wide educational safety programs, are outfitted with the highest quality safety gear and tools and have experience working with a variety of on-site customer-specific training and safety programs.

We understand businesses have around-the-clock needs and when it comes to your electrical service, every second counts. We offer 24/7 emergency service and comprehensive maintenance solutions. Our clients have access to the latest technologies in remote system monitoring, diagnostics and data collection for critical, real-time information.

Connect with the team to learn more about how our high voltage testing services can ensure your electrical system delivers maximum performance.