Lighting Design & Installation

Lighting consumes as much as 35% of the electric power required by a building. Properly designed interior lighting can significantly reduce energy costs and contributes to a safe, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, healthy, and productive environment for all building occupants. Properly designed site lighting requires balancing safety, security and energy consumption, while reducing excessive light levels, light trespass and glare.

Photo courtesy of 'Think Loud Deveopment'

At Gettle, our team of electricians, system designers, programmers, low voltage technicians and professional engineers understands quality, sustainable lighting design is a balance of science and art. We work closely with clients to understand their specific site needs and deliver custom solutions that account for how the space will be used for optimal security and maximized energy savings.

Professional Engineers. Sustainable Solutions.

Our in-house, industry-certified team includes professional engineers licensed in multiple states and Leadership in Energy Design (LEED)-accredited professionals with experience working on commercial and retail lighting design projects of all sizes. We employ sophisticated lighting design software while following standards and recommendations published by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) to provide sustainable lighting solutions while complying with required codes and standards such as the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), International Building Code (IBC), and (ASHRAE 90.1).

Our integrated lighting design process starts with a client meeting to set the goals of the project and we conduct a survey of the facility. The client is involved throughout the design process, and through the use of digital imagery and three dimensional renderings, an accurate rendering of the design is presented prior to the installation of the system. The ability to deliver comprehensive design-build and installation solutions, results in a single source of project responsibility; thus, maximizing budget and schedule efficiencies.

Lighting is a highly visible component of your business that can impact comfort, productivity and safety. As technology changes rapidly, new advances can offer benefits in efficiency as well as enhance the environment and improve security. Gettle’s experienced lighting design team can help guide your business through a comprehensive review of your current lighting systems. Contact us to learn more and start evaluating how lighting upgrades can benefit your bottom line.